S-Wide Panel Ceiling Series


    Product Description 產品描述
S-wide panel ceiling series is sealed ceiling design and each panel link up each other. It is easy to install and convenience to mix up for different combination. It presents a fashion and brightness outlook. It is widely used in bridge, exhibition hall and residential lobby.


Installation Description 安裝說明
First, adjust the ceiling level with a standard measurement. Then hang and connect the S–shaped runner. Clip into the ceiling panel directly. It can be against a certain degree of wind.


Specifications and Size (mm) 規格尺寸

Floor Plan of Installation 明架天花安裝平面圖

1.) S型條扣天花
2.) S型龍骨
3.) S型龍骨吊碼
4.) C型槽
5.) C型槽吊碼

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