C-Shaped Linear Ceiling Series


    Product Description 產品描述
C-Shaped Linear Ceiling Series is a closed space design by using straight ceiling panel. It presents different layer and glossy outlook by different design pattern. It is widely used in different public area setting, such as shopping mall, shop and residential corridor.


Installation Description 安裝說明
First, adjust the ceiling level with a standard measurement. Then hang and connect the C typed runner and clip into the ceiling panel directly. Each panel can be fixed and removed easily.


Specifications and Size (mm) 規格尺寸
- 75   - 100   - 150   - 200   - 300
Floor Plan of Installation 明架天花安裝平面圖

1.) C型條扣天花板
2.) C型龍骨
3.) C型龍骨吊碼
4.) C型槽
5.) C型槽吊碼

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